"What can PoV do for me?"

When you commit to this healing process you'll eliminate barriers that have held you back, releasing you to step up into your life with revitalised energy, enthusiasm, success and enjoyment.


A trainer has expertise in dynamically supporting and guiding anyone committed to process of transformation.

To apply to be a trainer one has to have completed minimum 110 days of working and training with PoV. Trainers then spend one year in an intensive programme of mentoring and working with fellow trainers before undergoing a rigorous entry process to qualify.

 A trainer continues to receive ongoing training themselves, ensuring you receive 100% commitment to your success.

Alex Patchett-Joyce

Every day you have an opportunity to align with your true nature and experience life and work to the full. Yet most of us operate from such a small percentage of our available potential. It’s like driving everywhere in first gear. This alone can make life and work just seem trying, noisy and unsatisfying. Add to that the let-down of not really feeling you are getting anywhere, not fully achieving your dreams, and you have a recipe for feeling limited, small, unfulfilled and discontent.
Alex’s powerful coaching and workshops go to the core of what’s keeping you from using your full potential, from getting into gear. She helps you identify and fully use your gifts and strengths and removes the blocks that stand in your way of achieving the results you ultimately desire.


There are times in our lives when we feel trapped and even helpless. Defeat is not our natural state. By releasing the beliefs and thoughts that are not the truth, you affect profound and lasting changes in how you approach your work and career and indeed your life.
Today you are presented with a choice. You can settle for the life you have, or you can embark on a guided process that puts your authentic self and happiness front and centre.

With Alex’s powerful and life changing coaching programmes and workshops, you can bust through blocks with remarkable ease and get your relationships, career and life fully working for you.
Become that person you always wanted to be.
Live that life you always wanted to live.

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Deep down you know that there’s got to be a better way and that’s what Alex Patchett-Joyce discovered for herself. After nearly 30 years of working in London and the City Alex struggled with the schism between outer success and inner feelings of frustration and fatigue. She began as a hotel manager, then became a ship-broker and later an International Product Manager and an International Communications Manager for a large global corporation. The hours were long and stressful and she found that she just was going through the motions. She wasn’t feeling fully rewarded or fulfilled, despite the outer signs of success and Alex knew if she didn’t take action her life and success would have unravelled.

She reinvested in herself - went back to college and studied for an MA in Conservation Studies - started her own conservation studio while continuing as a business consultant to start ups and small businesses. She also came across the Psychology of Vision the most profound self-development model that changed her life.

Today, she is the only Psychology of Vision Trainer based in the UK licensed to give workshops, trainings and teach this empowering cutting edge model of personal transformation dealing with our inner game to break through the barriers to success. She teaches about mindful choices and actions that draws forth our minds, hearts and spirit to develop our natural strengths and gifts.


Combining this model with over 40 years of business experience, she coaches people who are looking to boost their business, professional or personal success with an equivalent gain in happiness and sense of self fulfilment. Whether the focus is on career, work and increased income, family life or relationships a rather wonderful side effect is that people’s whole life blossoms too.

Chuck and Lency Spezzano


Chuck and Lency hold 10 day Apprenticeship Workshops, in Hawaii, for students who have at least 20 PoV days of experience. Please contact Alex if you are interested in going to one of these.

Chuck also teaches workshops around the world so please take a look at the PoV websites in other regions – note that these workshops are suitable for English speakers. See the top navigation bar for other regions.

Chuck and Lency's programme of events


Chuck Spezzano, PhD, and Lency Spezzano, MS, are the founders of the Psychology of Vision (PoV), a transpersonal model of healing that employs cutting edge psychological tools and methodology with the miracle power of grace.

The Spezzanos have taught seminars worldwide and between them they have authored over 30 books (with more in the works) in 19 countries. Besides giving seminars, they both feel it is important to train others in the healing arts and the skills needed to be a trainer and coach. There are many PoV Trainers worldwide and Alex Patchett-Joyce is the Trainer in the UK.

Both of the Spezzanos have done deep research into many areas of the mind. Besides developing dozens of healing methods and techniques, Dr. Spezzano has constructed the Steps to Oneness/The Triangle Model, a psychological and spiritual map of the evolutionary stages people encounter on the way to the experience of Oneness. Over the years, Lency Spezzano has created and evolved the Joining method which uses grace to release participants from their inner suffering, connect them with the divine and into their spiritual awakening. The Spezzanos’ greatest inspirations come from A Course in Miracles.

Chuck Spezzano has worked travelling internationally since 1980 to teach his developing psychological model. Lency Spezzano developed many programmes and services for deaf people and sick children before moving on to work with Chuck. Now they have two grown children and they live in Hawaii.

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Charities and Funds

Due to the success of Psychology of Vision around the world the community has been able to support a number of charities and funds. The money is used in various ways, to see what amazing work is being done with the donations please click on the links below to access the website pages dedicated to the fund. In all cases, it is not simply about giving a financial hand out, the guiding principles of the Psychology of Vision are also applied.

First Nations