The Visionary Leadership Course

This course is for your inner leader, it will support you to heal your doubts and unresolved issues that get in the way of you standing in your full authority and power; to become that leader in your life, your relationships, your business and your community you have always desired.

The change happening in the world is calling for leadership, and you have the potential to step even more into becoming that great leader.

What to expect

We will explore the territories of the mind you use to hold yourself back from achieving success including:

  • Fears, meltdown and failure
  • Problem people
  • Buried promises and deals that blind and bind

It will be an intense course as you get to see what your issues are, and be released from them.

The course includes learning, discussion, techniques and healing.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • experienced insights that will dynamically change how you lead in the most significant areas of your life
  • recognised your blocks and experienced healing and freedom
  • discovered ways to bring flow, ease and success in your decisions, in your team bonding, and in the success for all – so that you can be the win:win leader, and no-one loses out as you accomplish your purpose and your happy, powerful

Course format & price

This course takes place in a private Zoom room online, sessions are live and participatory.
Price includes course sessions, laser 121 calls, ongoing support throughout the course.
Full price £200

Dates & times

Thursday March 11th 2021 for 4 weeks

13:00 – 14:30 London time

GROUNDINGS everyone attending agrees to the Groundings:

Confidentiality anything shared within the group is private. Anything you want to discuss with those not in the group afterwards is fine providing there is no way of them being identified, and it about your process not theirs.

Presencebe present. Switch off anything that will distract you, pay attention to what is happening in the group. If you can’t be present then book a session at a more convenient time when you can be. If what you are experiencing is so intense that you are unable to listen, then book a 1-2-1 instead.

Trust the processquestion everything for sure, especially what is true for you, but stay engaged with the process until the end of the call. Why? Because if you have an issue, it often comes with feelings that can be uncomfortable and when this happens one reaction is to withdraw. Instead, be aware of the feelings, and stay curious, keep listening, questioning and exploring until you get some resolution.

Photo portrait of Alex looking at you smiling

Click on the links below to book your place, you will then be sent a video link before the session.

Thursday 11th March 2021 each week for 4 weeks

All dates 13.00 – 14.30