Shining Star sessions put you back in touch with you, and run brilliantly well alongside daily life.

Over three consecutive mornings you get to check in with what is really going on in your life, check out anything coming up to be healed, and put the sparkle back in your eyes and back into your life.

You can join one session or all three for maximum impact.

If you haven’t tried them before, each one has a small group of people gathering online, asking questions, sharing their stories, and awakening to some truths and clarity guided by our pioneering UK Psychology of Vision Trainer, Alex.

Through each session you get to heal past mistakes and move forward into each day with renewed vision, heart and joyfulness.

Alex has a gift for getting to the heart of what’s going on for you quickly and effectively.

She tunes in, sees the shift that is waiting to happen and helps you make that shift and embrace the gift that is waiting for you. 

Nick Williams

Best selling author of 14 books, including, The Work We Were Born To Do


The Groundings are a promise that we ask participants and Trainers to make. It helps us to provide a learning space with boundaries, and a dynamic healing platform.

Confidentiality anything shared within the group is private. Anything you want to discuss with people not in the group afterwards is fine providing there is no way of anyone being identified, and you talk about your process, not theirs.

Presencebe present. Switch off anything that will distract you, pay attention to what is happening for you, and for the group. 

Trust the process – question everything, especially what is true for you, but stay engaged with the process until the end of the session. 

Be on timeif you have an issue, it often comes with feelings that can be uncomfortable and when this happens one reaction is to resist by being late, or withdraw. Instead, be aware of the feelings, and stay curious, keep listening, questioning and exploring until you get some resolution.

Do the workcommit 100% to healing your issue, and do the work, including any homework.  

Session Topics

27, 28 & 29 October 2020
7.30am – 9.00am

£130 all three

Freedom from unconscious traps that hold you back

17, 18 & 19 November 2020
7.30am – 9.00am

£130 all three

Heal ancestral and inherited patterns to enjoy aliveness and freedom