Artists – learn how to apply your creative skills with a stronger sense of purpose, direction and power.

For you to rise up, we will delve deep to explore the underlying attitudes, beliefs and patterns that are anchoring your creative ambition and flow. How have you been holding yourself back?

The Course

Mondays  –  3pm – 6pm (UK time)

12 October – 30 November

Each week you will learn about the dynamics of the mind that have delayed and derailed your creative endeavours, and the tools to heal and overcome them. Starting with becoming accountable about where you are in denial, this exercise will give you a strong sense of personal direction for the course, of what you long for, and compassion for what you have been struggling with in your work.
Modules will cover subjects including control, getting your needs met, guilt, heartbreak and falling in love with your creativity again, trust, commitment and vision. As you learn and reflect on how each aspect has affected your practice, you get to make new choices that support your ambitions, that make it easier for you to take steps to align your future toward the vision of your creative life that is more authentic, today.
The exercises will support you to become more conscious of your capacity as an artist, of your gifts. You will state your intention each week and be supported by peer accountability and acknowledge and celebrate your successes.

By the end of this course you will have gained understanding of your creative blocks and learned the healing tools to transcend them. You will have renewed vision, confidence and joy in your creative life and a strong sense of purpose and commitment to achieve it. You will feel more rewarded for your efforts, and gained a sense of flow and ease in your work.

The Tutor

Tiffany Robinson has worked in the arts for over 15 years as a tutor, facilitator and mentor, supporting hundreds of creatives to recognise and achieve their potential. Since 2014 Tiffany has been healing and studying the blocks in the mind using the Psychology of Vision (PoV) Model of transformation. She is currently in the PoV Mastery Programme and Programme Leader for Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at West Dean College of Arts & Conservation.

‘Through participating in PoV workshops, I know that change is possible, achievable and we all have gifts available to us underneath each problem. With a change in attitude, mistakes become lessons rather than tools for self-attack, and life becomes joyful, where you can share your creativity, and in that sharing experience wholeness. We all have a part to play in the world at this time, this is mine, and I invite you to explore yours.’

Course Delivery
Sessions are via Zoom online in a live participatory workshop, with a small group – up to nine artists. The teaching includes texts, exercises, discussion and joining. All artists will have a peer to support them throughout the course.
Laser 121 calls will be available for anyone who needs it, plus email and text.

8 sessions x 3 hours, plus support

If you have a question about the course, write to:,

Mondays  –  3pm – 6pm (UK time)

19 October – 7 December