Joining heals separation.

On this series of half day workshops, we will be joining our minds to deep dive into the unconscious to recognise where we feel trapped or stuck, and choose how we want our lives to change.

What do you want to set your new normal to?

By increasing your awareness you can dream a more joyful and authentic way to live into being, into reality, so that you can be less fearful of the next step, of your successful life.

This can be a time of restriction, or freedom, I invite you to join me in this powerful workshop. 

GROUNDINGS everyone attending agrees to the Groundings:

Confidentiality anything shared within the group is private. Anything you want to discuss with those not in the group afterwards is fine providing there is no way of them being identified, and it about your process not theirs.

Presencebe present. Switch off anything that will distract you, pay attention to what is happening in the group. If you can’t be present then book a session at a more convenient time when you can be. If what you are experiencing is so intense that you are unable to listen, then book a 1-2-1 instead.

Trust the processquestion everything for sure, especially what is true for you, but stay engaged with the process until the end of the call. Why? Because if you have an issue, it often comes with feelings that can be uncomfortable and when this happens one reaction is to withdraw. Instead, be aware of the feelings, and stay curious, keep listening, questioning and exploring until you get some resolution.

Photo portrait of Alex looking at you smiling

Click on the links below to book your place, you will then be sent a video link before the session.

Sessions cost £40, free to keyworkers

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 13.00 – 16.00pm

per session £40