1st October – 5th November 2019

Six weekly online sessions
Tuesdays 12.30-2.00pm

The Psychology of Vision Triangle Model is a map of the mind. On this course you will learn the key stages of the model, and how to use it as a map to navigate your way through life. The map explains the territories of the mind clearly.

When you’ve learnt how to recognise these in your life, you can take comfort in knowing where you are, why and how to take the next step with greater awareness and confidence.  

At each stage there are gifts, and Alex can teach you how to access the gifts to make your life sweeter and even more successful. You can also help others, understand what they are going through with compassion, and support them from a fuller understanding and knowledge. 

For example, if you are in a new relationship, starting a new project – business, creative or leisure – you can use this model to shed light on common issues so that you can make better choices, respond from your heart instead of your fear, and as you make the leaps of awareness you learn to recognise the territories of your own mind, you get the ‘knowledge’ just like a London black cab driver. 

This sixweek course covers the core stages.  

Each session begins with a lecture, after which there will be time for Q&A, sharing and discussion. As you work on the model of the mind the issues in those areas get washed up and you have the opportunity of healing and clearing them during the session.

Free Taster Session    10 Sept 2019 
Session 1  Introduction & Dependence  1 Oct 2019 
Session 2  Independence  8 Oct 2019 
Session 3  Independence  15 Oct 2019 
Session 4  Interdependence  22 Oct 2019 
Session 5  Interdependence  29 Oct 2019 
Session 6  Spiritual dependence & round up  5 Nov 2019 

1.5 hour sessions plus laser sessions when needed 

Tuesday’s at 12.30-2.00pm


Taking part in Alex’s weekly group I have found a new zest for life! Not only am I able to achieve my personal goals faster and easier, but also there is added enthusiasm and energy in my marriage and with my children; I am very grateful for this powerful way to increase the quality of my life. I have also made new friends in the group who are heartfelt, amiable, humorous and above all good listeners! If you want to improve your life in many ways, I through recommend joining Alex’s group and embarking on an amazing journey!
– Jack Ashton 

Tuesdays 1 Oct – 5 Nov, 12.30-2.00pm

Introduction to the PoV Triangle Model six week online course