On the first Wednesday of the month, join this free group workshop to focus on the personal blocks in your creative practice.

When unconscious beliefs and patterns from the past control our conscious mind, we find we want the change and success but it just doesn’t happen. Creatives are particularly great at working with the unconscious, and once a month we invite you to explore the territories in your mind that are keeping you stuck, so that you can regain your boldness, confidence and direction.

Sessions are online via zoom (live video) from the comfort of your home or studio.

Throughout the programme you will be encouraged to set goals and set an intention for the next month.

First Wednesdays for Creatives are about getting back on track to being fulfilled, in flow and in your creative power. It’s not just about the work, it’s about how you get that work out into the world in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to you, and to the world.

The programme is facilitated by Tiffany Robinson, a Psychology of Vision Mastery student who graduated from 100 days training in 2019. She has worked as a tutor, facilitator and mentor in the arts for over 15 years, supporting hundreds of creatives to recognise and achieve their potential. Tiffany was a Founder and Director of ChArt Artist Network, taught at two Universities, is currently a Programme Leader (Foundation) at West Dean College of Arts & Conservation.

GROUNDINGS everyone attending agrees to the Groundings:

Confidentiality anything shared within the group is private. Anything you want to discuss with those not in the group afterwards is fine providing there is no way of them being identified, and it about your process not theirs.

Presencebe present. Switch off anything that will distract you, pay attention to what is happening in the group. If you can’t be present then book a session at a more convenient time when you can be. If what you are experiencing is so intense that you are unable to listen, then book a 1-2-1 instead.

Trust the processquestion everything for sure, especially what is true for you, but stay engaged with the process until the end of the call. Why? Because if you have an issue, it often comes with feelings that can be uncomfortable and when this happens one reaction is to withdraw. Instead, be aware of the feelings, and stay curious, keep listening, questioning and exploring until you get some resolution.

“The connection with nature and the Self underpins my art practice, I let the guidance come to me through intuitive use of materials and responses.

Artists wield great power in their gifts, often working with the unknown. I want to help you to boldly achieve your direction and goals, to be true to your gifts, your self, and your purpose.

My question is:

What do you want?

What is the gift you bring through your creativity that the world needs right now, that you need, that you long for?”

Sessions run on the first Wednesday of the month, 8.00-9.00am
To book your place email tiffany.robinson@btinternet.com. You will then be sent a zoom meeting invitation before the session.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

8.00 – 9.00am

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

8.00 – 9.00am

Wednesday 1st July 2020

8.00 – 9.00am