Photograph portrait of Chuck smiling 

Chuck Spezzano
(From his book One Hundred Healing Principles)


Wholeness needs nothing and so makes no demands.

It is never angry because being complete within itself has no need for control.

Wholeness is never fearful but always bonded, understanding and willing.

Wholeness, being full within itself, just wants to give and share and it is increased by its sharing.

Wholeness is centred and so it can be both playful and healing, radiating and resonating in such a way that those who are not centred begin to unfold and move to their centres.

Wholeness is a remembrance of how we were created by God who is the epitome of Wholeness.

Wholeness realises that we are complete and as such, at our deepest level, there is nothing to do, nothing to finish and nothing to unfold. The realisation of this is enlightenment.

Wholeness is a channel for grace and a foundation for love and joy. It realises all needs come from our self-concepts and can just as easily be let go.

Wholeness identifies us with our spirit, our power and our gifts as a child of God.

Today, remember your wholeness that is as an aspect of you as spirit. Created by God, you are spirit, an extension of that Loving Spirit, and as such there is nothing you need today.

Remember who you really are in your original Self and be at peace. Enjoy the grace and light. Let today be a day where nothing necessarily has to be done and if you are called to do something, let grace do it through you and your wholeness.

Relax into your wholeness, which still exists under all conflicts.