Chuck Spezzano (From his book One Hundred Healing Principles)

What is fear?

Fear is one of the core roots of any problem. It is a paralysing illusion based on lost bonding. Like all emotions, fear comes from inside us, and is not outside of us. It comes from separation, authority conflict, attack thoughts, and the sadness that is a deep well inside all of us. Fear makes everyone a stranger and a threat.

How to resolve fear

Fear is resolved by love, joining, communication, forgivingness, willingness, letting go, confidence, trust, integration, and commitment. Fear keeps us from realising that the next step in our lives is a step forward in success and intimacy.
Fear shrinks us and makes us think that we are alone.
Like all negative emotions, fear is a way of letting us know that we are making a mistake.

Why do we fear?
Fear comes about through resisting our own energy. It is an attempt to block the energy that wants to fountain up inside us, that would make life thrilling.

Fear also springs from judging or attacking others in our thoughts. Only when we have taken responsibility for our thoughts can we take the first big step in resolving fear. Fear is a response and a choice from inside ourselves. It is a big step for us to realise that we are responsible for all of the feelings we have and can therefore change them.

If we take risks in a courageous way, we can clear up that which frightened us, which resolves the source of fear. We can do this by facing that which frightens us, by using trust, by thinking confidently about the future or by resolving something in the past that keeps us afraid of the future.

To dissolve fear we could put the future in the hands of God, or make a choice to stop thinking negatively because we don’t want to keep attacking ourselves in this way. At the deepest level we are not only afraid of negative things occurring but of positive ones also. The ego builds itself on fear and so is not committed to fully resolving it.

Our core fears are about our purpose, ourselves, love, death, fortune, success, meltdown and loss of self, having it all and God. Our fear must be resolved before we can move forward. It is important to ask our higher mind to remove the fear at the root, rather than the symptom, of the problem.

Here are more ways to resolve fear:
1. Feel and exaggerate the fear until it melts away. Feel any other feeling until you get to peace.
2. Imagine that God was beside you in everything you did. Feeling His presence beside you resolves any fear.
3. Find where the energy is blocked in your body. That is where the feeling of fear will be located. As you pay attention to this place inside you, the energy will begin to release and the obstruction will gradually melt away. You could even choose to remove the block, which is merely your resistance to the energy flowing through your body. As you release the energy to flow through you instead of resisting it, you will feel thrilled instead of fearful.

100 Healing Principles © Chuck Spezzano