Chuck Spezzano
(From his book One Hundred Healing Principles)


Love is at the heart of all that heals and makes life worthwhile.

Love, which springs from peace, is at the root of all positive feelings and the expression of the Universal Spirit in all things. It is at the heart of all that heals and makes life worthwhile.

Love comes from giving, receiving and the sharing of reaching out to others.

Love is that which brings joy, happiness, and meaning to life. 

Love nurtures, saves, redeems, extends itself, and makes whole.

Love stretches you to know yourself and others more truly, blessing all it touches.

Love generates growth and success.

Only our needs parading as love, or our taking disguised as giving, or our sacrifice which loses now to win later, will not work. At the deepest part of us, we are love, having been created by the Universal Spirit of Love.

As we evolve, we realise more and more the truth about us is love, an extension of Love itself. This tells us that love is the answer to any question we have, to any situation we are in. As we give ourselves for the joy of giving, we open ourselves to the largesse of love.

Love does not demand or give conditions.

Love is not easily daunted, and love, unlike dreams and illusions, cannot be shattered.


Love is your answer.

Love as if it were your last chance to love.

Give yourself as if it were your last day on earth.

Be happy and blessed by the fullness of love.