Chuck Spezzano
(From his book One Hundred Healing Principles)

Why change?

Change is crucial for our lives to get better. Without it, our lives will not improve and we will not evolve into a more positive future.

If we keep thinking, feeling, and doing as we have been all along, our lives will remain the same.

If we just fantasise about our lives getting better, then we don’t change, and nothing gets better.


Willingness to change

Change usually begins with being motivated to change, then choosing to change, and re-choosing every time resistance or temptation comes up. If problems or resistance do emerge, all that is necessary is to commit once again, following through on a course of action that leads to the truth and success.

Change becomes easy if we really want it.
For the situation or people around us to change, we must begin with our willingness to change that can surmount the greatest obstacles.

Fear of change

If nothing changes around us for long periods it means we are frightened of change, though we may have hidden this from ourselves.
Letting go of our attachments helps change to occur. It does not matter if we have a positive or a negative attachment, such as a grievance; we are held back all the same. Letting go and trusting allows the next step to occur.
Openness and giving ourselves completely also brings the next level of positive change to us.
Change happens easily and naturally when there is no fear present.


Forgiveness is another way that leads us to see things differently and brings about change. Change is one of the great blessings in our lives, allowing us to move forward and our lives to get better.



Desire this change with your whole heart and mind.
Every time you think of your present situation, know there is a better way and want the change.
Every time you choose for your life to go forward, know that it will get better because change, blessed change is coming to you.
The more you want it, the faster it will happen. If you let go of any attachments – positive or negative – something much more positive will come to you.