Chuck Spezzano
(From his book One Hundred Healing Principles)

A blessing is using the power of your mind and heart to wish someone well.

It is one of the best antidotes to judgement and it keeps us out of sacrifice.

If we judge someone, we feel put upon by how they are. We feel victimised or emotionally at odds with the situation.
A blessing on the other hand is an act of kindness extended to someone in need of help.
It is a gift that reaches out and has a beneficent effect.

Blessing makes us feel good, just as the curses we make affect us negatively.
We never escape what we wish on others.

If we recognise someone acting negatively and recognise it as a call for help, a blessing is the only true and appropriate response. From blessing proceeds all the greater responses to someone in need, which uplift and ennoble us.
When we bless all people and situations, we meet a flow of blessings coming back to us. The anticipation of good things coming our way is well met because we are wishing and choosing that good things happen to all people in all situations.
Similarly to bless ourselves continuously allows an overflow of good things to wash over us and those around us.


Today, take 10 minutes in the morning and bless your family, friends and acquaintances, especially those around you who need your help.
Bless them with peace, courage, willingness, love, abundance, happiness and any good thing you can think of.
Then practice blessing everyone you see, meet or think of today, especially any so called ‘enemies’.