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January is a bright month in spite of the obstacles and circumstances that seem to abound. There is a new surge of optimism and enthusiasm. For those who aren’t experiencing this newfound energy there is a call for a great deal of forgiveness and blessing of others. Only this helps people and situations unfold toward… Continue Reading

Chuck Spezzano’s Card of the Day

Recent Cards of the Day from Chuck HEALING THE REBEL CONSPIRACY Posted: 22 Dec 2016 11:03 AM PST HEALING THE REBEL CONSPIRACY is the card of the day. We were created as spirit but we took on bodies to prove how separate we are in spite of being created in a Love and Oneness that couldn’t… Continue Reading

Q & As

Families and Christmas time Christmas and holiday times of the year can often seem to focus our issues with family. Our old patterns seem to come to the top of mind – there they are right in front of us and hard to avoid – both the issue and the family member. Even if the… Continue Reading