Accountability – Fully understanding accountability is a crucial foundation to PoV

The accountable path recognizes that that what we project out is an aspect of the Self that is in need of healing. By tending to our wounds and working with our negative self-beliefs we grow strong.

Accountability is taking full responsibility for our lives and for everything that happens to us. This serves to empower us, making us more mature. This gives us an irresistible power that empower others. We give up the destructive influence of judgment and blame, thus creating more flow, fun, and effectiveness in our lives. As we embrace accountability, it brings a greater desire for innocence, to own the real truth of situations both for others and ourselves. Self-love grows, the lack of which is responsible for every problem we face. This self-love also increases the unity and friendship within any group or couple, building success through partnership and teamwork. When no one is to blame, and everyone is responsible, cohesiveness naturally occurs.