Every day you have an opportunity to align with your true nature and experience life and work to the full. Yet most of us operate from such a small percentage of our available potential.

This alone can make life and work just seem trying, noisy and unsatisfying. Add to that the let-down of not really feeling you are getting anywhere, not fully achieving your dreams, and you have a recipe for feeling limited, small, unfulfilled and discontent.

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Alex’s powerful coaching and workshops go to the core of what’s keeping you from using your full potential. She helps you identify and fully use your gifts and strengths and removes the blocks that stand in your way of achieving the results you ultimately desire.

By releasing the beliefs and thoughts that are not the truth, you affect profound and lasting changes in how you approach your work and career and indeed your life.

Today you are presented with a choice. You can settle for the life you have, or you can embark on a guided process that puts your authentic self and happiness front and centre.


There are many ways of working with Alex and we can help you choose the programme, course or workshop that suits your needs. With Alex’s powerful and life-changing coaching programmes and workshops, you can bust through blocks with remarkable ease and get your relationships, career and life fully working for you. Become that person you always wanted to be. Live that life you always wanted to live. image of blackboard with light bulb in front chalk drawn circles for ideas


Once you’ve experienced Psychology of Vision, this is how you can continue to work at a deeper level.

Some of our participants like to immerse themselves in this healing model to fully benefit from what it has to offer. Here we outline some information about a progression through Psychology of Vision for those who would like to take this work further.

Check out the Apprenticeships facilitated by Chuck and Lency here. Powerful 10 day workshops in Hawaii. Requirements apply.

100 Day Program

Psychology of Vision encourages each and every person, regardless of circumstances, to set personal and healing goals as high as we dare and to take our place among those that came to make a difference in the world. The 100-Day Training Program calls upon a personal commitment to our own healing.

While it is normal for participants to experience significant benefits from the very first Psychology of Vision workshop, it has been observed that the depth and resonance of the changes that occur increase dramatically with each exposure to the POV teachings. Forty years of tracking participants has shown that there is a definite benchmark – a paradigm shift – that occurs at 100 PoV days. Hence the introduction of the 100 Day Training Program. As a 100 Day Program graduate, you also qualify for the Mastery Program.

If you are interested in this program please contact us for details.

Mastery Program

A year-long Program for Graduates of the 100-Day Psychology of Vision Program.

“It has been a dream of mine for many years to have advanced seminars for Psychology of Vision enthusiasts who have graduated from the 100-Day Program. I always wondered what it would be like to be able to dive right into the really interesting territory in the mind without having to take time to explain the basics. Trainings at the same level as our Trainers’ Training, but for people who don’t necessarily feel called to be Trainers. People who want, above all else, to heal themselves and awaken.” Lency Spezzano, Co-founder of The Psychology of Vision.

The Mastery Program is for graduates of the 100-Day Program who want to continue to work at a high level, but who do not feel called to be a Trainer, or who are fulfilling requirements for application to the Trainers’ Program.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about this powerful year-long program.

Trainers’ Training

The Psychology of Vision Trainers Training Program is for those who feel called to be a trainer in the Psychology of Vision model.

To become a trainer first you will need to complete and graduate from 100 days of PoV trainings, to have taught an approved program at least once and attended the Mastery program the year of your application. You will then be asked to submit your application to your local psychology of Vision Trainer Alex, in the UK.

It is suggested that once you have completed the required Psychology of Vision days you discuss with Alex the possibility of applying to be a trainer.

Once accepted as a trainer you will continue to attend workshops and receive guidance and supervision from a senior trainer. You will also be licensed to use the Psychology of Vision logos and name and be able to give Psychology of Vision workshops.