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Psychology of Vision is a healing model that offers a profoundly different way to live your life by teaching emotional intelligence and a remembering of Self.

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The Three Major Elements of Psychology of Vision
Relationship, Leadership and Spirituality

Psychology of Vision transforms how psychology is understood and applied to self-help. It presents a visionary model that deeply inspires creativity, purpose, fulfillment, and meaning. Through working with POV you can move beyond the barriers of nationality, culture, class, religious strictures and family “traps”, to become a leader. It will help you to identify and express your gifts, and as you do this you naturally give permission to those around you to express theirs.


Awareness of your spirit
transforms your journey through life,
it becomes easier, sweeter


Improving your relationships is essential
to your healing and happiness


Becoming a leader and helping others
is the effective way to help yourself
and to change the world around you

Founded over three decades ago by Chuck and Lency Spezzano, today Psychology of Vision is a thriving global community of people committed to finding better ways to be, whether in work or personal life.

When you commit to this healing process you'll eliminate barriers that have held you back, releasing you to step up into your life with revitalised energy, enthusiasm, success and enjoyment.