Know Your Own Mind 10 weekly online sessions
These sessions will catapult you forward as you gain insights on what is holding you back, learn how to free yourself and move past your fear. You’ll develop your understanding of the mind, your patterns and blocks, and reach the tools to help yourself. Sessions run throughout the year, are free format which means that everyone joins in the process and can ask questions, share experiences throughout. The programme includes discussions, teaching and Joining with unlimited ongoing virtual support from Alex between sessions. Over the ten weeks you receive weekly ongoing guidance as you explore the problems and themes that come up in your life and the group. As you learn, you get to apply the insights and shifts in your life and experience the change. It’s like really going for it, making huge leaps, but with a lifeline to make it easier and give you the sweet confidence to really go for it. Complete the programme with increased self-awareness, knowledge of the dynamics of your own mind, and having healed past wounds that have been affecting your life so you can feel free to enjoy life with greater ease. “Alex is empathic, compassionate, insightful and firm.  Everything you need in a coach.” – JACK ASHTON MONDAYS 10:25am arrival and welcome 10:30am start 12:30pm finish PRICE £500 includes ten two hour online group sessions plus virtual support between sessions. Groups are small. A link that gives you access to join the each session will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed, near the start date. PREPARING FOR YOUR PROGRAMME Start thinking now about what you want to get out of this workshop – set your intention. You’ll find that as soon as you do that stuff will start to come up. Remember that what comes up is for healing – that is its only true purpose. There are several ways to move through: forgiveness (them/it and then yourself), helping others through your pain, willingness for this pain/upset not to be true and stepping through it. The more you practice this the easier it becomes and the faster you get through. And remember the carrot is that life gets lighter, easier, more joyful and more exciting. Getting set up with live video Zoom is a video conference app that is free for programme participants and can be used on your laptop, PC, smartphone and an iPad. Write to Alex with any questions about the programme via email:
Know Your Own Mind Mondays 10.30 – 12.30pm

10 sessions
2nd Sept – 11th Nov
(not 16 Sept)