3 – 4 April 2019

Freedom from fear

“Fear is one of the core roots of any problem. It is a paralysing illusion based on lost bonding. Like all emotions, fear comes from inside us, and is not outside of us. It comes from separation, authority conflict, attack thoughts, and the sadness that is a deep well inside all of us. Fear makes everyone a stranger and a threat.” – Chuck Spezzano 

Over two days you will be supported to resolve the fears that are preventing you taking the next step forward in your life, be it work, relationships or life in general. Guided by our expert UK PoV Trainer, Alex Patchett-Joyce, you will dispel the illusions that make you feel small and alone, so that you can use your energy like a fountain to propel your life rather than a cork to hold you back. This will bring ease, flow and greater intimacy. 

“Our core fears are about our purpose, ourselves, love, death, fortune, success, meltdown and loss of self, having it all and God.”  

On this workshop you will have the opportunity to clear the cause of your problem rather than the symptoms. Imagine what you could achieve without those fear illusions. Imagine how big life would be propelled by all that extra energy. 

With humour and kindness, Alex will gently challenge and support you so that your ounce of courage will bust the illusions that are holding you back. Freedom from fear will bring more of you into your life, and with it more joy, connection and aliveness.

Price  £297 includes workshop fee, lunch and snacks on both days.
Early bird price £245 available until 1st March 2019
(Financial help is available if truly required)

The venue for the workshop is the Greenway Hotel & Spa, a luxury country hotel in Gloucestershire.

“I love this workshop – working with a small group there is plenty of time for each person to focus on their issues. Every time I run it I see people regain more of their mind, heart and intuition to really use that untapped potential.”
– Alex Patchett-Joyce, Trainer

3rd and 4th April 2019

Freedom from fear – 2 day workshop, Cheltenham, England